ACM Symposium on Information, Computer & Communication Security (ASIACCS '08)
Akihabara Convention Hall, Tokyo, 18-20 March 2008
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Camera-Ready Instructions

  • The final versions of accepted papers are due on Dec 8, 2007 and are to be submitted by email to
  • At least one author of each accepted paper should register the conference before Dec. 21, 2007.

The email should be titled "ASIACCS'08 final paper submission" and include all source files and a PDF version of the final paper, and a signed and scanned ACM copyright form in PDF format. Please make sure that the size of the attachments does not exceed 5MB.

The ACM copyright form can be printed directly from

For authors without access to a scanner, the completed copyright form can be faxed to +81-3-5298-4522. Please write "ASIACCS'08 copyright form" on the title page before sending it.

Preparation of the final versions

Each paper should be prepared using the official ACM SIG proceedings format. Templates are available at:

Authors using Latex2e should use the alternate style (option 2).

Authors unsure of how to classify their paper according to the ACM classification system can find more information at

Note that there are tight page limits: 12 pages for regular papers and 4 pages for short papers, including bibliography and appendices. Furthermore, it is required that:

  • All pages are of US letter size and without page numbering.
  • Contact information of all authors appears on the first page of the paper.
  • LaTex users who have signed the ACM copyright form Part A should also insert the following three lines in your .tex document after \begin{document} to produce the correct copyright statement and info:
\conferenceinfo{ASIACCS}{'08, March 18-20, Tokyo, Japan}
  • All used fonts are of Type 1 and are embedded in the submitted PDF file (see below).
  • The width of all lines and equations does not exceed the column width (see below).

It can be verified that all used fonts are of Type 1 and are embedded in a PDF file (using Adobe Reader), by doing the following:

  1. Open the PDF file.
  2. Click on "File" and then "Properties..."
  3. Choose the tab labeled "Fonts".
  4. Check that all listed fonts are followed by "(Embedded Subset)" or "(Embedded)" and that "Type: Type 1" appears below each font.

If one or more fonts are not embedded or are not of Type 1, please consult your system administrator about how your PDF generation software can be configured to achieve this.

In the final version, the width of all lines and equations must not exceed the column width, i.e. a line or equation must not extend beyond the column border. In case Latex2e is used to prepare the final version, the message "Overfull \hbox" normally appears when typesetting the latex file if a line or equation extends beyond the column border. Please rearrange your text and equations so that this does not occur.

Please note that papers not following the above instructions may not be included in the final proceedings. If any clarifications are needed or questions remain, please e-mail