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Access from Narita Airport

By Train

There are two types of airport express trains from Narita airport, both of which are convenient for Akihabara area. For both trains, you can buy tickets at the arrival hall of the airport terminal, or at the station level below the arrival hall. Train schedules and seat availability are also displayed around the ticket counter.

[train map]

Narita Express (N'EX)

Narita Express, operated by the Easy Japan Railway (JR-EAST), runs from Narita Airport to Tokyo station by approx. 53 minutes, as well as to several major stations in Tokyo/Yokohama areas. The price is 2740~3140 yen to Tokyo station (depending on the date). A train is available every 30 minutes at peak time. All trains go through the Tokyo station, regardless of their final destinations.

If you are traveling directly to Akihabara, please tell ticket officers about that when you buy a ticket. You can continue traveling to Akihabara station without additional fare.

At Tokyo station, N'EX trains arrive at basement platforms. Take escalators to the ground level, and change to either Yamanote Line (light green) or Keihin-tohoku Line (cyan) trains which depart from platform #3 and #4. Akihabara is the second station from Tokyo (1st when you take Rapid service trains).

Foreigners can use Japan Rail Pass, JR EAST Pass or Suica & N'EX special tickets for Narita Express.

Skyliner (Keisei Line)

Skyliner is the other type of airport express train oeprated by private Keisei Electric Railway. It operates between Narita Airport and Nippori (mininum 51 min) / Ueno station (minimum 56 min). The price is 1920 yen to Nippori and Ueno stations. A train is available every 40 minutes at peak time.

If you come directly to Akihabara, please get off trains at Nippori station, which is more convenient for transfer. Buy a JR ticket of 150 yen, and take either Yamanote Line (light green) or Keihin-tohoku Line (cyan) trains which depart from platform #9 and #10. Akihabara is the fourth station from Nippori (2nd when you take Rapid service trains).

Non-reservation trains

Both JR (Rapid Service "Airport Narita" via Tokyo, at every 90 minutes) and Keisei (Limited Express trains to Ueno, at every 40 minutes) operates non-reservation trains, too. The fare is 1280 yen and 1000 (+150) yen, respectively, and both takes about 80~100 minutes to Akihabara. Be sure to ride on correct trains. If in any doubt, we recommend to ride on reserved trains above.

By Bus

Although it takes more time than by trains, it may be sometimes more convenient to take buses, depending on the time of arrival at the airport (e.g. in an early morning).


Bus to Tokyo

Airport Limousine Bus is operating between Narita Airport and Tokyo station, at 5 buses per hour in the peak time. The bus departs from the arrival floor of the airport terminal. The fare is 3000 yen. Tickets can be bought at the arrival hall.

From the Tokyo station, please buy a 130-yen JR ticket and ride on either Yamanote Line (light green) or Keihin-tohoku Line (cyan), which departs from platform #3 and #4. Akihabara is the second station from Tokyo.


  • Direct buses to Akihabara station is not available since Apr 2008.
  • Airport Limousine Bus also provides direct services for several hotels in Tokyo area. Please ask clerks at the Airport for details.