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22 Oct 2007: Fail-Safe C preview version available for download

[English Translation Posted 30/Oct/07]

TOKYO Japan, 22 October 2007 --- Research Center for Information Security (RCIS), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has released a preview version of the Fail-Safe C compiler for interested researchers.

Fail-Safe C, produced by Yutaka OIWA (Research Team for Software Security), is a memory-safe implementation of the full ANSI C language. More precisely, it detects and disallows all unsafe operations, yet conforming to the full ANSI C standard. By using the Fail-Safe C compiler, programmers can easily make their programs safe without performing heavy rewriting or porting of their code. There has been a large number of works on the safe implementations of the C language, however, up to our knowledge, no other implementation provides both full support of ANSI-C features and theoretically-complete memory safety simultaneously.

The current implementation of the Fail-Safe C compiler is available for download on our Fail-Safe C homepage. We are continuously developing this system and we plan to provide a "useful" version (compatible with more commonly-used programs) next March.

Development of the part of the runtime system for the Fail-Safe C system is partially supported by the "New-generation Information Security R&D Program" from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI). Part of the library implementation is done jointly with Lepidum, Co. Ltd.