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03 Nov 2009: Deputy Director Prof. Akinori Yonezawa awarded Medal of Honour

[03 Nov 2009 Tokyo, an RCIS Release]

Prof. Akinori Yonezawa, Deputy Director of the Research Center for Information Security (RCIS) of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has been awarded a "Medal of Honour with a Purple Ribbon" of Japan on 3 November 2009. The Medals of Honour with a Purple Ribbon are awarded to individuals who achieved significant contributions to academic and artistic developments, improvements and accomplishments.

Prof. Yonezawa is awarded his Medal of Honour for his long-term contributions to the information science studies and applications, especially on his fundamental studies on the parallel object calculi and parallel object-oriented programing languages. His contributions also covers the areas of studies on concurrent mobile agents and secure computing. He has been the leader of the project "Implementation Schemes for Secure Software", which has been acknowledged as one of the projects under the funding from the Ministry of Education which are mostly contributing to the society in 2004.

He has been a fellow of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) since 1999, and was awarded Senior Dahl-Nygaard Prize from Association Internationale pour les Technologies Objets (AITO) in 2008. In the Research Center of Information Security, he has been a Deputy Director since 2006 and mainly directing our research in the software security area. He is also a Professor in the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology and the Director of the Information Technology Center in the University of Tokyo.