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MutualTestFox: an experimental web browser


MutualTestFox is a web browser for evaluating Mutual authentication protocol, based on the Mozilla Firefox implementation. The current version implements a part of the "draft-04" spec and our new user-interface proposal.


Please check your Add-on setting: The extension "Mutual Authentication 1.1.3" must be enabled to input the username and the password.

MutualTestFox is a modification of Mozilla Firefox. It is not suitable for casual Web browsing, and it may contain bugs and unimplemented features, caused either by our modification or by the original implementation. We do not guarantee that any security/bug fixes are available in future.

Please use other web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and others for usual Web browsing.


The most recent version is MutualTestFox 35.0a1. It is based on Mozilla Firefox 35.0a1.

Executable file (installer)

Diff from the Mozilla source code


This software is an output of the joint research between Yahoo! Japan and AIST, and provided from AIST. It is implemented by Lepidum, Inc.

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