Notice: RCIS was reformed into RISEC on April 1, 2012.
It has been further merged into new Information Technology Research Institute on April 1, 2015.

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Our Task

1. Development of Information Security Technology

Exploiting our best research powers and potentials, we will always develop and publish valuable results for information security technology, both for academic and for industrial community. We are focusing to turn out world-top level research results.

  • Theory from Academic Approach
    • Establishment of theoretical systems for secure software and hardware
    • Elaborating theory in information security area
  • Theory for application of them to real systems
    • Theory in consideration of Human Factors
    • Theory to establish flexible systems
    • Theory in consideration of legal systems

2. Human Resources Developments

We will develop researchers who are knowledgeable about both seeds in academic society and needs of industry and users.

We will also encourage security experts in industrial community by several means. For example, we will accept trainee from industrial companies to teach them about top-level research topics in information security area.

3. Reliable Security Information Resource

In the current world, lot of information about security incidents and countermeasures are circulating in the Internet, some of which are unfortunately incorrect and unreliable. We will continue to publish information which are well substantiated by research results and work experiences.

4. Security Evaluation of Critical IT Infrastructures

As a part of national institute, we will give an evaluation of national IT infrastructures using most advanced security technology.

5. Liaison on Information Security Area.

inside RCIS

Three research teams inside RCIS will collaborate with each others to build up a new information security technology.

inside AIST

AIST has several research activities which are related to information security (e.g. grid computing, semantic Web, open-source software, optical communication, and system verification.) We will also collaborate with those projects to develop a secure, solid systems.

with other research institutes

We will organize and join various joint research projects with universities, national institutes and industrial companies, to develop new industrial technologies and raise the level of information security community in Japan.

with other related organizations

We will also cooperate with related organizations such as National Information Security Center in the National Cabinet (NISC), Information-Technology Promotion Agency (IPA)¡¢National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE), Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) by providing information related to state-of-the-art researches, evaluating a security problems, or providing a resolution for such problems.