Instructions for Preparing Camera-Ready Manuscript

For the preparation of your camera-ready manuscript, please read carefully the following instructions:

  1. For your camera-ready manuscript, use the standard LNCS templates available at
    Note that a manuscript that uses an inappropriate template (including a modified one) may be excluded from the proceedings.
  2. To include your manuscript in the proceedings, all four items below must arrive at email address by 23:59 on September 4, 2009 JST (UTC+9hrs).
    • Paper ID
    • source file(s) (LaTeX or WORD) of your manuscript
    • a PDF file of your manuscript
    • a PDF file of signed copyright form
    • name and email address of the contact author
  3. The copyright form can be downloaded from
    Please sign the form, scan it and send it to us as a PDF file. If you are not able to scan the printed form, please contact to for further instruction (please contact us in advance). In the copyright form you need to write the "Volume Editors;" that should be "Juan A. Garay, Atsuko Miyaji, and Akira Otsuka, CANS 2009."
  4. We go into your source files to add headers and footers and make modifications for formatting if necessary. The PDF file of your manuscript is only used as reference. Normally, we do not contact you for proofreading. However, in some cases, we may contact the contact author for approval. Therefore, please care for the incoming email from us after the submission and respond to it as soon as possible.
  5. Your manuscript should be at most 20 pages long in total, including bibliography and well-marked appendices.
  6. All figures will be printed in black and white. Make sure that any color figures are legible in black and white.
  7. For any question regarding the preparation and submission of your camera-ready manuscript, please contact .